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Lone Larsen (born 1955) is of Danish descent and lives and works since long in Höganäs, Sweden. She has been active as an artist since the 1980s and has many exhibitions, representations and scholarships behind her. We have, for example, had the pleasure to meet her sculptures in Wanås sculpture park, at Dunkers Kulturhus in Helsingborg and in Malmö's and Lund's Arthalls, and the very latest in Stockholm in the form of a public commission, the bronze sculpture "Den Andre" (The Other), commissioned by the Stockholm Konst  for  Sabbatsbergparken. 


Text: Elisabeth Fagerstedt 



Represented by:

Galleri Fagerstedt and Galleri Arnstedt, see contact

Lone Larsen

CV - selection

Solo Exhibitions

2018    Whistle Blowers

            Galleri Thomassen, Göteborg

2017    From here to now

            Höganäs museum, Höganäs

2015    Let Me Grow with Pain

            Galleri Fagerstedt, Stockholm 


2013    Poem and other objects 

            Lilla Galleriet, Helsingborg 


2009    Clouds and other poem
            Galleri Lilith Waltenberg, Malmö 


2008    Clouds and other poem

            SAK, Stockholm


2007    Corpus 

            Galleri Mårtenson & Persson, Stockholm 


2006    Corpus

            Dunkers Kulturhus, Helsingborg


            Varbergs Konsthall, Varberg


2005    Galleri Thomassen, Göteborg 


2003    Galleri Hjärne, Helsingborg


2002    The home (Hemmet)

            Smålands konstarkiv, Värnamo


1997    Play Memory

            Lunds konsthall,  Lund


1996    Light (Ljus)

            Galleri Rostrum, Malmö


1992    There will be no other

            Karlskrona Konsthall, Karlskrona



Group Exhibitions

2018    Biochemical Marker, 

            Galleri Fagerstedt, Stockholm

2016-   Eroded Land (Erdorerat Land)

2018    Galleri Arnstedt, Östra Karup


2014    Little Red Racer
            Galleri Arnstedt, Östra Karup  


2012    Clouds
            Skissernas Museum, Lund 


2011    Rolling Snowball 2           

            Quanzhou, China              


            Galleri Mårtenson & Persson, Båstad


2010    "Så som det är och litta till”

            Höganäs Museum, Höganäs 


            Carl Larsson & Co 

            Dunkers Kulturhus, Helsingborg 


            Copenhagen Art Fair/Galleri Lilith  Waltenberg,               Copenhagen 


2009    Galleri Mårtenson & Persson, Båstad


            Galleri Lilith Waltenberg, Malmö 


2008    Market Stockholm/Galleri Mårtenson & Persson,             Stockholm


            Galleri Thomassen, Göteborg 


2007    Helsingborgs konstförening, Helsingborg


            Galleri Thomassen, Göteborg


2006    Galleri Mårtenson & Persson, Båstad


            Vikingsbergs galleri, Helsingborg 


2005    Market Stockholm/Galleri Mårtenson & Persson,             Stockholm


2004    Vessel (Kärl)

            Skärets konsthall, Skäret


2003    Se konsten

            Krapperups konsthall, Höganäs


1999    Lava and Man

            Vestmannaeyjar, Iceland


1998    10 Park Benches (10 parkbänkar)

            Wanås konst, Wanås

            Waldemarsudde, Stockholm


1998    Triennal III

            Skulpturens Hus, Stockholm


            LIMIT- 53

            Vikingsbergs konstmuseum, Helsingborg


1997    Sculpture in the hall

            Landskrona Municipality


            Maarmorilik/Stone and Man

            The Nordic Council, Qaqortoq, Greenland


1996    Wanås konst, Wanås


            Konsthallen Barbacka, Kristianstad


            Galleri 1+1, Helsingborg

            Group exhibition


1995    Four Rooms (Fyra Rum)

            Vikingsbergs konstmuseum, Helsingborg


1994    Galleri Stefan Andersson, Umeå


            Galleri Haga, Stockholm


1994    Stone and Man

            Qaqortoq, Greenland


1993    Sculpture in the park

            Malmö City


1992    Stenungsunds Kuturhus, Stenungsund


            Höganäs Museum, Höganäs


            Skånes konstförening höstsalong,

            Malmö Konsthall




2010    Maybe you can tell me 

            Galleri Hjärne, Helsingborg

            In cooperation with artist Gertrud Alfredsson


2009    The Meeting (Mötet)  

            Rögle Konsthall, Rögle
            In cooperation with artist Gertrud Alfredsson 


2004    ”Lagom mycket våld”

            Kalmar konstmuseum, Kalmar

            In cooperation with landscape architect Monika



2002    Pre Ooze

            Kristianstads konsthall, Kristianstad

            In cooperation with artist Linda Orloff


2000    The Wanderer (Vandraren)

            Kalmar Konstmuseum, Kalmar

            In cooperation with Tuija Lindström, Dawid and               Gerry Johansson


            FotoFest International, Houston, USA

            In cooperation with artist Lina Orloff


1999    The Wanderer (Vandraren)

            Lunds konsthall, Lund

            In cooperation with Tuija Lindström, Dawid and

            Gerry Johansson


1998    The Time/Limit  (Tid/Gräns) 

            Public Art Agency Sweden and Höganäs


            In cooperation with Lars Vilks, Johnny Ewald,

            Christel Jönsson and Ann Blomberg


1993     Buildings I, II, III (Byggnationer I, II, III)

             Bo-93, Karlskrona

             In cooperation with Carina Reich, projections                  and Johannes Johansson, sound 


1992     Light Bearer, Runway and Pylon (Ljusbärare,

             Landningsbana och Pylon)

             Utblick 92, Helsingborg 

             In cooperation with Johnny Ewald, Maria

             Jönsson, Lotta Olsson, Bibbi Friman and                          Christel Jönsson 

Public Commissions


2015    Tornado (Tromb)

            Stockholms Sjukhem, Stockholm


2013    Chair Brogården, no. 3-6 (Stol 

            Brogården, nr. 3-6)

            Karlstad Municipality


2012    Cloud Bench (Molnbänk)

            City of Helsingborg  


            Tumbler (Tumlare)

            City of Helsingborg 


2011    The Other (Den Andre)

            City of Stockholm 


2010    Wall, Column and Base (Mur, Pelare 

            och Sockel)

            Private housing cooperative Revskär 

            Farsta, Stockholm


2007    Vessel (Kärl)

            City of Helsingborg  


2000    Spiral and Light Bearer (Spiral och            


            City of Helsingborg 


            Mirror Bench (Molnbänk)

            Falkenberg Municipality


1999    The Meeting (Mötet)

            Höganäs Municipality



            The Nordic Council,

            Vestmannaeyjar, Iceland


1998    Time (Tid)

            Höganäs Municipality


            Altar VI and III (Altare VI och III)

            Åhus, Kristianstad Municipality


1997    Back to the age

            Landskrona Municipality


            Altar II (Altare II)

            Public Art Agency Sweden

            Karlskrona Municipality


1997    Maarmorilik

            The Nordic Council,                        

            Qaqortoq Municipality, 



1994    The Gate (Port)

            The Nordic Council,

            Qaqortoq Municipality, 



            Wave (Våg)

            Romare foundation, 

            City of Helsingborg 


1993    The Waiting (Den väntande)

            Kristianstad Municipality


1991    The Group (Gruppen)

            Private housing cooperative HB, 


Grants and Residencies


2015    The Royal Swedish Academy of Fine Arts

            Carl Larsson’s residency in Grez-sur-Loing,                     France 


2010    Region Skåne’s Arts Grant 


2002    The Swedish Arts Grants Committee’s 

            two-year working grant


2001    BUS Grant


            Danish Art Workshops (SVK) residency in



1992    The Swedish Arts Grants Committee’s 

            one-year working grant


            Malmöhus County Culture Grant


            The Nordic Council residency at

            The Nordic Art Centre Sveaborg, Finland





2010    Art Pedagogy I, 7,5 credits


2004    Art History, 15 credits

            Lunds University


            Body, movement and action, 30 credits

            Lunds University


            The emergence of a modern city, 7,5 credits,                   Uppsala University


2003    Arts & Science A, 10 credits

            Umeå University


2000    Experimental Lighting, 2 credits

            Konstfack, Stockholm


1998    Public Speaking technique

            Dale Carnegie Training, Malmö


1987-   Sculpture in diabase and granite

1990    Broby Granit, Skåne, KKV Bohuslän


1992    Bronze casting

            KKV Malmö 





2015    Lecturer in artistry

            Malmö High school (Malmö Folkhögskola)


2011    Lecturer in artistry

            Rögle Konsthall


            Art Consultant for public commissions,

            Region Skåne


2009-   Director at Rögle Konsthall,

2011    Helsingborg in cooperation with the artist

            Gertrud Alfredsson


2000    Art Consultant at Helsingborgs Museum


            Art Consultant for public commission,

            City of Helsingborg 


1997-   Project manager for the exhibition group and 
2000    vice chairman at Galleri Rostrum, Malmö 


1992-   Art Consultant for Bohuslän’s stone grant          





         Object Biochemical Marker, 

            Region Uppsala

            Sculpture Vippare, 

            Höganäs kommun


            Painting Poem no. 21,

            Uppsala konstmuseum


            Sculpture Cloud no. 2,

            Helsingborgs  konstmuseum


            Sculpture Altar I,

            Wanås konst